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2011年5月3日 星期二

Whatever happened to Egyptians?

pic-1 Egyptian gather in front of museum during the celebration for Mubarak step down.

Hong-Kong Journalist Chei-Rung Chang visit Egypt after ex-President Mubarak who was ousted during January revolution, she felt there was nothing improvement in Egypt since 2002, especially public service lack of facilities and it happened traffic block from day to night. The capital city- Cairo give foreigner’s first expression by muddy air and crowd masses.

However it’s getting change after the revolution. Hundreds of youth volunteer who was not long ago defending the streets from the thugs and thieves had returned to the street to assist the policeman to find the solution for perennial urban problem, and more youth cleaned the street such as painting sidewalk, even collect money for buying paint. Youth group set up the traffic cyber platform to offer the communication information, people can use phone network to search the news and offer the message by feedback. In the past people lived in the deterioration of economic, society and education system, now people are more political oriented to discuss the government policy and the demand for their right. In Tahrir square where could find many parents bring the children to attend the demonstration in order to achieve better future.

pic-2 the youth volunteer is cleaning the street

pic-3 The mother bring 2 children to attend the demonstration on international labor day.

One of El-Shehab staff had been participated the social movement for 10 years. Being a Muslim female, she guided the protesters to chant revolution slogan, and stay in Tahrir square overnight. It not only smashes the part of gender discrimination among Muslim country, but also create the space for empower woman’s right. Egypt was based on Sunni’s tribes of Muslim, it differ from Saudi Arabia and Iran which belong to Shia’s tribe. These countries banned female citizen to reveal their face and body in strict religious law. I also found some Egyptian follow the same routine to cover their whole body, during the meal time they ate ice-cream and shaweima under the black veil, they were accustomed to do it.

After the revolution governmental staff and officer change their attitude into a better response, the revolution raised the hope for those strained and frowned people; the bus driver was no longer to pay tips to policeman in order to pass the street block or get the license. I complained to friend about the past experiences for applying visa, most people had bad impression for visa office. The way for solving the passport or visa problem without struggle and debate with officer was giving the tips. Rather than support my conclusion, she said, you couldn’t blame those basic staff charge the tips when their salary was not enough to hold family or ask them be passion at work with unreasonable monthly payment. According to prosecution’s investigation, the former president Mubarak owned private property amount 70 billion us dollars. Under Muslim doctrine, men should donate bank 2.5 percent of saving which didn’t spend every year and women was charged from their jewelry and ornaments. On the basis of logical inference that Mubarak ruling era, the public construction and charity item should practice well. In fact, people called Mubarak a thief who stolen nation’s tenure.

Egyptian proved in the revolution that they had a miraculous latent power for change. One thing didn’t transform was that their optimism character. During the revolution period, the bank, stock market, foreign aid was interrupted or closed by the unstable situation. In El-Shehab, everyone submit 1 LE for lunch meal, and enjoy the bread, bean, French fries, lettuce salad and eggplant together. Egyptian need drink several cups of sweet tea, so we also gather money to buy sugar and black tea. Especially the revolution time, people gave candy or dessert as support for protesters in Cairo Tahrir square or Alexandria Mosque. Certainly 11 February became the most happiest and meaningful date for Egyptian in their entire life.

pic-4 The daily Egyptian meal bean, bread and lettuce salad.

What’s the next step for Egypt? New movements, political parties and coalition continue be established recent week. People also began to involve the public affairs. But no one can sure blueprint, well, Islamists, Copts, seculars, liberals, leftist just gather in Tahrir square to exchange opinion or making a argument with HCAF(Higher Council of the Armed forces). People began to request HCAF to dismiss the ex-prime minister and removed the corruption regime. Recently protester accused Mubarak of destroying Egypt political system and killing the peaceful protesters during 25 January revolution. Till now a new labor party announced at Tahrir square. People achieved the demand by the demonstration in Tahrir square. Last week volunteers, army solider and staff plant the grass and flower for shaping new face of Tahrir square. People raise the public order awareness for avoiding trample the turf. Facing the dictator dominate Egypt 30 years which suffering the torture and depression, people just can incite the political event as expressing the fury. Now it added the spirit of 25 January revolution into Egyptian emotional and confidential character.

pic-5 Protester design the poster and props for the request to government.

Whatever happened to Egyptians? The title was borrowed from economy professor Galal Amin’s book name. It mentioned former president Mubarak’s era, how Egyptian live in the tyranny condition and struggle to survive in the past decades year. Now Egyptian spread the wildfire across Arab world. Egyptian youth Wael Ghonim, was elected by 2011 Time Magazine as the most influential person in the world. It proved the whole world that the most treasure is no longer Tutakameng statute in Egyptian national museum, it was Egyptian people.

pic-6 Egyptian youth Wael Ghonim call out youth to attend the peaceful demonstration in Face Book on 25 January,2011.

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  1. Pascale on 2011年5月26日 上午10:53:00 提到...

    Fascinating to see those muslim women getting more and more involved.. the path to healthy democracy is a long one, hopefully more and more of them will get to participate in civic life, just like the El Shehab women have been doing.


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