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2011年8月18日 星期四

Holy Ramadan

pic1-The polic guard the Tahrir Square since the beginning of Ramadan

This month is the Islamic holy month of Ramadan which means prayer, religious observation and charitable giving. Muslim starts feasting to refrain from eating, drinking and sexual intimacy with partners during daylight hours. The feasting hour total amounts 17 hours from 3 am till 7 pm. it’s also the first time I participated the feast for few days, one Indonesia friend shared how to begin the feast. First, you need control the emotion and get rid of bad temper. Second, people take the feast in right way so that in the end of Ramadan, the body will fit in right position which means DNA could transform the bad gene into better one. Third, DNA even can repair the broken structure so that after Ramadan the body will be much healthier then before. This was the same opinion which I heard from French friend who join the feast for whole month last year.

pic 2-the hand made cloth were hang out during the Ramadan in front of office

After my second feast day of Ramadan, I was invited to join one Egyptian family’s Iftar(The first meal after daylight feasting ). They drink the sweet juice and eat (konafa)which only could buy it during the Ramadan. I couldn’t finish my dishes which contains of meat, vegetable, rice and soup. And I felt extremely sleepy and full so that I went to bed to take a rest. Then I was waken up by friend for eating Konafa at 11 pm, it’s too sweet to complete it. However I try to figure out how Egyptian passed the feast. Again, I went to bed around 1 pm, my friend try to persuade me that I should wait for the last meal before next feast began at 3 am. Finally I ate yogurt for the second meal and it’s unbelievable that they keeping eat foul, sandwich and tea as like usual they ate breakfast in the morning. Meanwhile I went to balcony for breathing cool air, many children play fireworks and family sit outside chatting, it’s the harmony and valuable I only could feel during the Ramadan.

From 7 pm till 3 am, my friend couldn’t take rest just keep preparing the food till she went to bed. In fact, I was tired by outside noisy and overload food. This was reason why all company and organization adapt working time from 9 am till 3 pm in Ramadan. People are hard to concentrate on the work and lack of energy to overcome the strong sunshine especially Ramadan happened on summer season. There are many street quarrels than ever and it also happen terrible traffic jam in the afternoon and midnight. The bus driver refused to work because of the crowded street situation. The most joyful movement was Muslim gather in front of Mosque for eating breakfast with family; I was there for accessing the atmosphere where was the first place to begin the feast in the world.

During this month I began arrange last 10 months news paper into the file and keep following the Egypt’s situation and news. Before the Ramadan the Tahrir square was occupied by the protesters for 23 days. 29 July was even called in love of Egypt: A civilian state. The Tahrir square was surrounded by banner and white tank which point Egyptian want justice and practice the trial of former regime. 3 Aug Mubarak, his son and his former minister appear in the court behind the cage, they denied that they killed the protesters and interrupt the communication platform during the revolution period. The challenges to the revolution were people put much concern on former regime; however turning to democracy is a gradual process that takes years. Middle East country are leading difficult and different transitional period this year. Tunisia is witnessing the serious divisions between Islamists and secularists; Libya’s regime is waging a fierce war against the opposition; Yemen are dragging into a civil war; Syria government is killing the protesters; Bahrain’s Islamic group Sunna had conflict with Shia, it caused big tension in the state. Sudan had divided into two countries. Israelis keep their grip in Gaza fighting with Palestine. However Egypt still plays a central role in the Arab Spring. From Mubarak’s trial, Egypt had been considered the opening of a new chapter and the days of gathering massive demonstrations in Tahrir Square. Egypt should start to think about the future instead of digging into the past, how to recognize the post Tahrir stage.

In the end of July the volunteers from El-Shehab, we participated a meeting which organized by ESMAE France ngo. There is one discussion refers how to build the civil society, those Egyptian and France volunteers share the situation in each country. Egyptian volunteers mentioned that their country is facing the transform period so that they will supervise the government as much as they could. And they envied France had democracy system that people live in a warfare society. However what France volunteer’s response were that people became unconcerned about the election even the selecting the president. The problem was that a strengthen society require not only the democracy government but also the public awareness of people. Both of them admitted that people anticipate the better life that everyone should raise the awareness of civil society replace the old structure and system.

Although Egypt seems hold a successful revolution after 25 January, people still live in a dreadful and stress environment that poor public construction, transportation and air pollution. Nowadays in the Ramadan it became a day mare for all Egyptian who rely on public transportation to begin the work. Everyone seize the handle tightly to avoid the emergency brake which indicate the driver lacked of patience to slow down the speed and even shift traffic lane at their will; The Metro close the door immediately without concern the crowds. I could feel that I easily get anger without reason and lose the weight after moving to Haggana office for 3 months. It’s normal for Egyptian to get weight during Ramadan; they even ate more than usual. Nevertheless it’s the new challenge for me based on the environment challenge that how I maintain the energy for joining the coming new project in last few months.

pic3-the Egypt museum also reduce the opening period.

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